Keeping Hardcore Alive!!!!!!



CD - Keeping Hardcore Alive - Forever (Preorder - Release ca. 01.08.2021)

Preorder - Portofrei!

Teil 2 der Samplerreihe!!!


01 Scarfold Rotting Earth
02 Infected Parasite What Is Past Is Prologue
03 OAC There Is a Way Out
04 Grinding Reactions Negra Sina
05 Damnation Damnation By Choice
06 The Highest Tree Do Or Die
07 Mindslaver  Helpless
08 Just Look Around Disruption
09 Permanent Style Time Is Now
10 Sand And Salt Responsibility
11 Clubber Lang Deep Down
12 In The Cage Grant Me Disdain
13 No Hay Opcion Puños de Fuego
14 Sunfall Go The Distance
15 New Hate Rising Black & White
16 2LEGSBAD Fase Positive
17 Life Comes Closer Kick Ass
18 Order 49 Torch
19 Conflicto Desperado
20 Selfish Hate Influencer
21 Trailer Trash Terror Dead Of A Brotherhood
22 Bliss  Unbrocken
23 They Promised Me Ponies Surburban Nights
24 Out Of Step Another Waste
25 Thinner How Much Is Enough
26 Stay Free  Tissue Time
27 All Fucked UP Welt In Flammen

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CD - Keeping Hardcore Alive - But Not Keeping Silent!


Der 1. Teil des Samplers - Vol 2 erscheint im Juli 2021!

26 Songs, davon viele unveröffentlicht!


Keiler You Got A Problem previously unreleased
Manifestation False Mirror taken from the album "Fair Enough"
Gorilla Brawl Break The Chains taken from the ep "Doomsday"
Stay In Conflict Fight Club previously unreleased
Clubber Lang Jap Beast taken from the album "CLHC"
Foxglove Heartcore taken from the 7inch "Straight Fro The Heart"
Out Of Wack Poserkiller previously unreleased
Bullseye Keep Me Alive taken from the album "Until We Die"
By A Storm Stay True taken from the album "Your Voice Your Weapon"
Eyes Of Tomorrow Settle For More previously unreleased
Ash Return Drown In Tears taken from the album "The Sharp Blade Of Integrity"
FightAgainst Monuments Sinking Ship previously unreleased
 SQUAD  Hypocrite previously unreleased
Nordend #Dagegen taken from the album "Gegenwind"
Relations  Composure taken from the ep "Composure"
Recurrent Pain Makes A Sense taken from the album "A New Beginning…"
Last Line Of Defense Start A Riot taken from the album "Back To Stay"
Black 8 Balls Eightcoe taken from the album "Eightcore Since 1996"
2Aid Once Upon A Time  
Keep It Alive Torch In The Dark taken from the album "At War With Society"
F25 So Seductive taken from the ep "Destructive Energy"
Fleischwolf Der Querulant taken from the album"Von Uns Für Euch"
Perfekt Sky Wolfpack previously unreleased
All Fucked Up Weekend Warrios previously unreleased
NO HAY OPCION' Así es mi vida previously unreleased
Rest In Chaos Worship Machines taken from the album"Trapped By Yourself"


26 Songs - ca. 74 Minuten Spielzeit!

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