Ewig.Endlich. - Auf Grund

Dortmund 5 piece post-metal crew Ewig.Endlich. present 'Auf Grund' a consummate display of dynamic, sorrowful riffing and heartfelt, reverberating hardcore-howls. The band draw influence from a variety of sources on this release, from sad but hopeful guitar leads remeniscent of some softer post-rock like Explosions In The Sky, to thunderous mid-paced blast beats and trem picking in the style of black metal influenced hardcore, to chugging, crushing sludge breakdowns.

LP - Ewig.Endlich. - Auf Grund

heavy 380g Gatefold cover, printed on the reverse side of the board,
limited edition of ca. 200 crystal clear and 300 doom black copies,
comes with a bandcamp download code of the entire album.

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16,00 €

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CD - Ewig.Endlich. - Auf Grund

Jewel Case Edition mit 24-seitigem Booklet 
Deutscher Black / Postmetal aus Dortmund. 
Debüt CD! 

7,00 €

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